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Nuvolari Lenard

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Y  A  C  H  T     D  E  S  I  G  N

One of the most exclusive and largest luxury yacht design studios in the world, Nuvolari Lenard is well known for their timeless and elegant Italian Style. Their Design Centre is situated near Venice, enabling them to work on several tasks from a great location. Nuvolari Lenard Studio comprises  a scale yacht model workshop, integrated in the luxury yacht design section, providing the designers with a possibility to visualise and research shapes, before the final design is operated by 3D computer aided techniques.

Nuvolari Lenard's Interior Design section boasts a showroom, where interior architects and the owners work together selecting amongst a large variety of quality fabrics, materials, wood samples and furnishings. Clients and visitors also have the opportunity to view beautiful pieces of sculptures, paintings and pictures by well known artists, often exhibiting at the studio.
Founded in 1992 in Italy, by Dan Lenard, stylist, and Carlo Nuvolari, Naval Architect and Mechanical Engineer, the company's location, right on the outskirts of the old town of Venice, had clearly a strong and significant influence on their professional formation. Both have an important relationship with the sea and style, sharing the common passion for sailing, unmistakably reflected on their outstanding and world-wide recognised designs.
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The 'Large Yacht Design' section of the Nuvolari Lenard Design company incorporates creating large yacht designs primarily for private owners. The design process begins with a preliminary study, ending in a bid package circulated to potential builders. Once the construction is underway, NL Design provide the yard with all necessary architectural design documentation and controls that spirit of the design and the style are well understood and executed.  Nuvolari Lenard yachts were built by some of the most prestigious and well known shipyard in the world, including Oceanco, Palmer Johnson, Perini Navi or CRN Ferretti. In 2010 NL designed and delivered four important and iconic luxury superyachts ranging from 50 to 86 metres, including motor yacht ALFA NERO or a number of Palmer Johnson Yachts.

Collaboration between Nuvolari Lenard and Palmer Johnson has always been very important, intense and productive. In fact the shipyard has delivered numerous exceptional and talked-about yachts designed by NL:  In 2007 the yard delivered two PJ 135s and three PJ150 sportsyachts, the motor yacht DRAGON, WAVERUNNER as well as the golden superyacht O'KHALILA and HOKULANI charter yacht; in 2008 the PJ123 OCEAN DRIVE, in 2009 PJ150-5 BLUE ICE.  Other important projects in collaboration with Palmer Johnson that NL is involved with include  PJ 171 M/Y No.2 (sistership to DB9 yacht )  as well as Project Stimulus, in addition to the 2012 launched 85m mega yacht QUATTROELLE (Project Bellissimo)

Luxury Yacht Design. Teamed up with their partner Valentina Zannier, Dan Lenard and Carlo Nuvolari, also design the interior of their yachts. Each interior represents the interface between the yacht and his owner; its style plays a fundamental role in the yacht's success. In addition to the newly built yachts, Nuvolari Lenard design and furnish yachts that are also under refit. The studio supplies architectural drawings, samples, specifications of decorations as well as loose furniture, lighting and art pieces.

Inseparable, the naval engineer and architect, Carlo Nuvolari, and the designer, Dan Lenard, founded their small creation studio near Venice, in 1990. The talented duo quickly stood out as a reference in the world of luxury yachts. There are now 16 employees at their Design Centre, who create between 25 and 185 m long yachts, occasionally collaborating on ambitious property development ventures.
Carlo Nuvolari / Dan Lenard
Nuvolari Lenard - Via Treviso, 77. 30037 Scorzè - VENEZIA - ITALIA. Tel.: +39 041 584 1888. e-mail:
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