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Rosanna Lee Group


Rosanna Lee Group is a full-service cabin amenity supplier for both VIP / Business Aircraft and Private Yachts. Rosanna Gonzalez, the company's director, has more than 30 years experience with a full range of projects and with customers from all around the world.

Suppliers/manufacturers from around the world have introduced their new products, colors and idea. Designers continue to introduce interesting pattern designs for home and tabletop. Great for the right client and look. As always Raynaud and Rosenthal create beautiful eye catching patterns along with the beautiful products from Annie Glass  Looking for something entirely different in leather? Just ask me and we can help with that request and of course RosannaLee Group can help with gifts for your Executives, Board members, Financial donors and Sales recognition for top performers. We are here to help you and always offer that great customer service. 

Rosanna Lee Group

Plano, Texas - USA

+1 (214) 207.9162

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