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Sōhe Studio Aviation + Yacht Interiors

Ever wonder why a beautiful private jet fresh out of completion seems to lack a little something...begs for that little thing you can't put your finger on? It's the human element. The 'finishings' that complete the interior and make it a 'living' cabin. The pillows, the throws, those soft, wonderful, delicious things that bring it to life and beg you to come aboard and fall into your seat.


This is Sohe's business and nobody's better at it!


But Sohe now goes even beyond. Learn about their equally sumptuous array of fabrics, carpets,

leathers and more. Based in North Texas, this little company is quite astonishing - not so much in WHAT they provide...but the amazing EYE their CEO, one Katharine Leonard, has in selecting the finishing softgoods they offer. Looking at their site is like being in a Swiss confection shop.You just want it all!


I just recently selected some pillow fabrics (pillows are one of their premier specialties) for one of our own design projects, and I literally spent an entire morning vacillating between the sumptuous options. Hey, don't take our word for it or think I'm saying all this - just because they've now taken the decision to become a paid advertiser. Check out their site for yourself and then come back here and tell us you don't agree :)

Sohe Studio .  Frisco, Tx  .  USA   
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Freshbook MAGAZINE 2 - Untitled Page (1).png
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