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Cabin amenities and accessories complete any cabin. Without them the aesthetic may be beautiful, but completely devoid of the human element, those things that make the owners and their guests feel immediately at home and ready to embark on their journey. From cashmere throws to crystal, china & flatware to fully custom accessories such as lamps, vases or custom works of art. It all breathes warmth and livability into an aircraft or yacht cabin - and that livability is precisely what the Rosanna Lee Group delivers to its clients. Each and every project is unique and each owner is unique in what he or she wants to project to their guests upon boarding. The Rosanna Lee Group are specialists in working with both designers and owners in finding just the right harmony of texture, pattern, color and aesthetic to compliment and elevate what the designer has already created. The successful fulfillment of an amenities package is both an art form and an experience based skillset - each earned over time and a broad array of projects. 

The Rosanna Lee Group stands ready to work with any completion center, shipyard, owner or designer in planning a turnkey amenities package to suit any and all projects - be it traditional, transitional, modern or minimalist. Ms Rosanna Gonzalez and her team maintain relationships with the top brands around the world and have the experience to orchestrate even the most challenging requirements. 

Rosanna Lee Group .  Plano, Tx  .  USA   
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Freshbook MAGAZINE 2 - Untitled Page (1).png
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